Anna Maria, the most northern of three small cities located on Anna Maria Island is and will always be #1 in our mind.
Coastal Living’s annual 2018 “Happiest Seaside Town in America” issue ranked Anna Maria 6th of the best small waterfront communities. There were many things considered by Coastal Living and worth mentioning is that the final rankings were based on an online popular vote, with Anna Maria having the second smallest population of the 10 finalists.
All of Anna Maria Island including the City of Anna Maria is a magical seaside place that has the power to revitalize. There are many reasons coastal exposure can benefit you mentally, physically and spiritually. Scientific research shows that people who live on the coast are healthier and happier that those living inland. Well most of us would like to but logistically can’t live by the coast, we can go ahead and book that much-deserved beach holiday to reap the benefits of coastal living.
Here is a list I have compiled of some persuasive reasons to spend more time in Anna Maria Island’s coastal environment —
  1. At home we tend to spend more time indoors. When we’re near water we tend to go outside in the sunshine. Our bodies convert direct sunshine exposure we soak up triggering the body’s production of vitamin D which is critical for overall health. Vitamin D protects against inflammation, lowers high blood pressure, and improves brain function.
  2. Sunshine, vitamin D and Calcium. Our bodies cannot absorb calcium at all without some Vitamin D. Sunshine triggers production of Vitamin D which helps our body absorb and use calcium for stronger bones and helps fight against hypertension as well as other health benefits. Exercise also helps the body absorb calcium which relates with 3.
  3. Being near the sea you are more likely to head out for a walk and partake in recreational activities. No need to go to the gym, just use the available pool facilities, or head on down to the beach. A beach vacation is all about swimming, sailing, playing beach volleyball, surfing, and taking long strolls along the beach. Being on the coast encourages us to be active by engaging in these enjoyable activities that we don’t do or don’t have time to do when we are at home. Watching other vacationers walking or running on the beach can be a great motivator too.
  4. The sound of waves can be very soothing to the brain, settling you into a deeply relaxed state of mind. This can help clear the mind, lower stress levels and strengthen your immune system. Sitting, relaxing on the beach looking out at the vastness of the Gulf of Mexico helps us put our problems into perspective and our worries away if even for a short time.
  5. Most of us go on vacation to unplug and de-stress from the outside world. When we are at the beach we can put away all our gadgets and engage in the ultimate de-stressing activity of doing absolutely nothing.
  6. Because of the sea air we sleep better after a day at the beach. Research shows that sea air is charged with negative ions speeding up our ability to absorb oxygen and stabilizing levels of serotonin. This is another reason we feel more relaxed and energized after our vacation.
Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals
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