Artificial Intelligence & Vacation Rental Properties

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay, but is the vacation rental industry ready for it?
Amazon’s Echo product that features the famous virtual persona Alexa and Google’s Home product both boasted booming sales in 2017. These products that have become common in consumers’ homes are now moving into the hospitality industry. Shifting from strictly residential home-use devices to commercial environments brings concerns. Those concerns include not just the cost of the technology, but also how AI engages guests and security and privacy concerns since the devices record and listen at all times, although they do have a mute and disable functionality.
Do you want privacy and like to avoid human interaction when on vacation? Soon you might not have to pick up the phone, you can just talk to Alexa or Google.
Amazon recently launched Alexa for Hospitality, which places specially programmed Amazon Echos at participating Marriott Hotels starting this summer. Marriott will be the first chain to install AI in some rooms. The Echo devices will work like the ones you have at home, but will have some skills specific to hotels. You will be able to call front desk, order room service, housekeeping, adjust the thermostat and book a spa treatment. If the hotel has enabled it, the Echo will be able to control the room’s lighting, temperature, and television—great news for germaphobes who hate touching hotel remotes or light switches. Guests will also have the option to connect their personal Amazon account to the Echo, so that they can stream their own music or listen to their audiobooks. Their account will be automatically disconnected upon checkout.
 Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals
So how is Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals – 601 Gulf Dr. N. Anna Maria Island, Florida 34217 moving forward with this relatively new technology? The only thing that is holding us back is the privacy concerns.
Would you be excited or disturbed to see an always listening Amazon Echo in your vacation rental property? Each one of the players, Amazon, Google and Apple offer different things, do you have a preference? What kind of questions would you ask and what sort of requests would you have? As we continually look for ways to enhance each guest experience we are researching how we can help the AI device enhance those experiences for you, our guests.
Let us know your thoughts. We are listening 🙂
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 Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals
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