Anytime is a good time to soak up the beautiful Florida sunshine on Bradenton Beach, Anna Maria Island! Spend your vacation on the beach, jet skiing, kayaking, or shopping, dining and listening to live music on Bridge Street. Bradenton Beach offers plenty of fun things to do for everyone! Enjoy your next vacation with Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals-601 Gulf Dr. N. Anna Maria Island, Florida 34217 as you make memories that will last a lifetime.
 Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals
We are located in Bradenton Beach on Anna Maria Island, Florida, on the Gulf Coast only a short drive from Bradenton and Sarasota. Bradenton Beach is a small city and home of Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals. Well known for its sugar-white sand beaches, turquoise waters, bright blue sky, fishing piers and a quaint strip of shops, family owned restaurants and businesses. Upon your arrival you will notice the slow pace of Anna Maria Island. The speed limit on most of Gulf Drive (the main road on Anna Maria Island) is 25 mph with some small stretches a maximum of 35 mph. You will not find any hi-rise buildings and drive-through restaurants are prohibited here. Shunning the building of hi-rise hotels and condominiums, Bradenton Beach has kept that friendly family-oriented feel. Instead you will find companies offering bicycle, kayak, paddleboard, sailboats, Segways and fishing equipment rentals. You can rent a car, but most everything on Bradenton Beach is walkable. There is a FREE Island Trolley that rides north to the City of Anna Maria and south to Coquina Beach with lots of stops in between. For your convenience there is a trolley stop right out front of our condo. There is a Publix grocery store and Walgreens on the Island, both a quick trolley ride away.
 Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals
The Beach — With miles of beach right out front of our condo, spend your days basking in beach paradise. Each day you will wake to a different beach.  Always soft white sand scattered with beautiful shells, the waters are generally calm, but the wave height can vary from a foot to barely a ripple. Take walks on the beach, run on the beach, find sea shells and listen to the waves gently lapping against the shore. You can see porpoise swimming by, maybe putting on a little show for you. Expect to see lots of pelicans and other wildlife, fishermen and sometimes manatee. You will find beach chairs provided in your condo, then pick your spot on the beach and relax as you breath in the fresh Island air. Soak in the sunshine and the gorgeous Island atmosphere then cool off off in the crystal clear Gulf of Mexico water. Grab a cooler and enjoy some snacks as you relax in paradise.
Lots of Activities — Book a Parasailing tour and get a different view of Bradenton Beach. Floating above the clear, blue water of the Gulf of Mexico, parasailing off the coast of Anna Maria Island is like sailing in paradise. With breathtaking panoramic views of the Gulf and intracoastal waterways, dolphins, turtles or stingray can possibly be seen.
Rent a Jet-Ski, sailboat or kayak and explore the local waters. With several boat and eco-tours—you are sure to find something that will suit everyone in your party!
 Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals
Bradenton Beach Scenic Highway — the word highway confuse some people, because a highway on the quiet, quaint little city of Bradenton Beach, well that’s just not possible. But, it does meet the criteria of a highway (often referred to as a byway). The Bradenton Scenic Highway is a 3 mile section of Gulf Drive/SR 789 beginning at Longboat Pass Bridge extending to the northern city limits of Bradenton Beach. It is pedestrian friendly and you can safely walk or ride a bicycle along this waterfront stretch. It is beautifully greenscaped and offers amazing views of the Gulf of Mexico, Sarasota Bay and Coquina Beach. Walk or ride a bike along the route and stop to view the wildlife, picnic areas The byway intersects Bridge Street in Bradenton Beach, which continues
The island community located along the Scenic Corridor provides both environmental and historic educational opportunities that have maintained the Old Florida ambiance of both the architectural and natural flavor.
Dining on Bradenton Beach — Whether you consider yourself a foodie or not, you can’t help but love the variety of local dining available. Waterfront dining, French, Italian or Mexican food, dining with live entertainment— Bradenton Beach has it all! Ice cream shops? Pick your flavour cause we have those too! Enjoy a meal or sweet treat from the list below.
Anna Maria Oyster Bar on The Pier
BeachHouse Restaurant
Big Olaf Creamery
Blue Marlin Grill
Bridge Street Bistro
Bridge Tender Inn
French Table
Gulf Drive Café
Island Creperie
Island Time Bar and Grill
Joe’s Eats and Sweets
Oma’z Pizza and Italian Restaurant
Sharky’s Seagrill
The Kokonut Hut
Wicked Cantina
Shopping — If your looking to find the perfect souvenir, piece of jewellery or treasure then you have come to the right place. Search the quaint and cozy boutiques and shop for pieces of Bradenton Beach to take home with you and keep as memories of your vacation. Some great shops to check out are: Bridge Street Bazaar, Back Alley Treasures, Bridge Street Interiors, Green Turtle Shell & Gift Shop, One Stop Shell Shop, Sea-Renity Spa and Boutique and Tide & Moon Jewellery.
Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals invite you to call us today to book your most peaceful and relaxing vacation.
TripAdvisor Reviews-March/April 2018
  1. My husband and I stayed five days at Bradenton Beach on Anna Maria Island. Our intention was just to unplug and relax. This beach community is perfect! There are good restaurants and access to public beaches easily within walking distance. A free trolley will take you to other communities on the island which makes shopping convenient as well as just exploring the island. Many tours and activities are available from kayak tours, where you’ll likely see dolphins, sea turtles and manatee, to Segway tours. We visited after spring break and the crowds were light. I can see where this area would become less desirable during heavy tourist times because these are small, quaint fishing villages with limited space. I highly recommend this location to enjoy amazing sunsets, fresh fish and tropical cocktails!
  2. Lots of parking. Beautiful white sandy beaches. Nice walking/running path adjacent to the beach. Fun shops and restaurants on Bridge Street.
  3. It was my kids’ first beach vacation. We went to Lido Beach day one, Bradenton Beach day two, and Siesta Key day three. They enjoyed Bradenton the most. Lido sand was pretty rough, Siesta Key’s sand was too fine and was a good quarter mile to get to the water, but they loved Bradenton the most since they had something to do. It wasn’t as busy and there decent sized small shells to find. It kept them interested for hours. Not to mention that the seagulls at Bradenton weren’t nearly as aggressive as Siesta Key.
  4. The ocean is truly good for the soul. I crave the ocean water and waves. Being from northeast North Dakota, one week of beachtime is a means for revival and survival! It’s beautiful living where I do, but there is something medicinal about the ocean! I love the privacy of Bradenton Beach near the location where we stayed. It was our own oasis! Walking on the beach or swimming in the gulf waters were an asylum for us/me. I look forward to coming back for a few more sunsets and the whispering and sometimes turbulent ocean breezes!!
  5. We spent a long weekend here and had a great time enjoying the beach and the beautiful sunsets!! Loved this place!!
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One of our family’s favourite pastimes at the beach is castle building and that includes lots of digging. I have always associated digging holes in the sand as a fun and harmless activity. But, after reading several articles I realize it has become an issue over the past few years and can have serious consequences. There have been cases of injury caused from those seemingly harmless large pits that we beachgoers love to dig. When we first visited Anna Maria Island we were not aware of the beach rules and I’m sure some of our guests at Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals – 601 Gulf Dr. N. Anna Maria Island, Florida 34217 aren’t either. Hopefully by sharing this information we will increase awareness for the safety of the sea turtles and all visitors.
Because May 1st marks the official beginning of turtle season on Anna Maria Island I will start with this as the first reason why when we dig the holes we need to fill the holes.
The Loggerhead Turtle is the most common species of sea turtle that nests on Anna Maria Island. Turtle nesting season which runs from May 1 to October is when the sea turtles swim to land and lay their eggs. They crawl up the beach, typically during the night, dig nests, usually by the seagrass, and lay their eggs. As you walk along the beach you might have see marked nests scattered throughout the white sand beaches.
Anna Maria Island has several enforceable rules to help protect sea turtles and native animals. These include, filling in holes on the beach, not leaving objects overnight such as beach chairs/umbrellas or tent canopies that pose as an obstacle, no littering/pick up trash on the beach, turn off artificial light (no flashlights or flash photography) that could cause disorientation and lastly, if you see a turtle nesting stay back and watch from a distance. Holes also can become traps or impediments for female sea turtles, which must make their way on land to nest.
So while we are having a great day at the beach digging our holes, remember the only time these female sea turtles leave the water is to nest and these holes can become traps for them. Lights out because baby turtles follow the reflection of the moon on the water so house lights or flashlights will confuse them causing them to travel to land instead of the water. Anna Maria Island is fortunate to have many volunteers that do as much as they can to ensure as many babies as possible make it safely to the water. These volunteers also keep track of the nests and pay close attention as each nest gets close to hatching. With the decrease in sea turtle population let’s all do our part to assist the Island volunteers as they do their part.
Well helping the turtles here are some additional reasons why we should not dig deep holes in the sand:
  • These unexpected holes can injure those walking or running when their foot catches in one. A twisted, sprained or worse a broken ankle is something we all want to avoid.
  • Holes in the sand become dangerous obstacles and make it more difficult for emergency vehicles to get to where they need to be. Those that patrol the beach on 4 wheelers or in any emergency vehicle must navigate around these holes slowing their response time and creating a major hazard for the vehicles as well.
  • Large holes or even smaller holes dug with toy shovels can be harmful not just to the turtles but to other wildlife as well.
There are endless ways to spend time on our beautiful beach, whether you are in the sand or on the water.
Spending time at the beach is something we all enjoy, so please avoid digging large holes creating a safer beach environment for all of us as well as the turtles. Our beaches are meant for fun and relaxation, so let’s work together to reduce mishaps and injuries allowing everyone a wonderful beach experience.
Well it’s okay to dig, and if you want to dig deep, please do not leave the holes. It is imperative for all beachgoers, to make sure any holes you dig are filled in before you leave the beach.
And, if you see holes left by others do a good deed and fill them in.
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Once you step foot onto Florida’s Anna Maria Island, walk on the white sand beaches and view the crystal turquoise coloured water and stunningly beautiful sunsets you may not want to return home. Come taste delicious seafood at the many waterfront restaurants, soak up the abundant sunshine and experience all the features of an exotic, tropical vacation on this seven mile long Island on Florida’s west coast. Surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico, Anna Maria Island is comprised of three friendly little towns: City of Anna Maria in the north, Holmes Beach in the middle and Bradenton Beach to the south. All over Anna Maria Island you will find quaint boutiques, family owned restaurants with none of the commercialization associated with many vacation destinations.
 Anna Maria Island flights
Getting to and Getting Around Anna Maria Island
Book your flight into Sarasota Bradenton International Airport (only 20 miles from the Island), Clearwater/St. Petersburg (45 minutes from the Island) or Tampa International Airport (1 hour from the Island). Anna Maria Island is a small island and is easily walkable. Or, you could consider renting a bicycle from one of the many rental companies on the island that at your convenience will drop off and pick up your bicycle. Bike from Bean Point, the northern point of the Island to Coquina Beach which is a beautiful beach at the South of the Island. We recommend touring the whole Island, the Island is small, but there is lots to see and do.
 Absolute Anna Maria
Your Accommodations 
Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals offers accommodations for all types of travellers. Check out our website for properties available. All condos offer complimentary Wi-Fi, fully equipped kitchens and washer/dryers for your laundry needs as well as heated swimming pools Some condos come with screened lanais and access to a grill. Book a condo with poolside, bayside or gulf-facing views. At the recently renovated condos offering upscale details like walk-in showers and granite or quartz countertops and all new kitchen appliances.
Our condos are perfect for a week (or more) away with family.
With so many fine restaurants on Anna Maria Island you will find it hard to decide where to dine. But, one thing they all have in common with no exception is their fresh seafood. 
Order the catch of the day on the covered deck at the Beach House Restaurant, Blue Marlin Grill or Waterfront Restaurant, just to name a few. Once you book your vacation with Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals we will provide you with a complete list of our favourite places to dine. Many restaurants in Bradenton Beach offer live music while you dine. On your way back to the condo stop at Big Olaf’s for some of the best ice cream on the Island.
Quiet Night In or Out 
Anna Maria Island is certainly not a party island and most people come to the island to relax and enjoy the old Florida vibe. With no night club atmosphere, we find many of our guests like to enjoy a late night swim in the pool or relaxing in their comfy condo. If you do want a late night out wander down to Bridge Street to one of our favourite restaurants/bars like Bridge Tender Inn, Island Time Bar & Grill or Drift In, all are in Bradenton Beach. With live music playing you can dance the night away and then walk back to the condo in five minutes.
Plan Your Outdoor Activities 
There is no shortage of outdoor activities on Anna Maria Island (AMI). With the beach directly out front of your condo, sunbathing or building sand castles might be top of your list, but if you’re looking for adventure AMI has lots to offer. Whether you’re interested in paddling, cycling, ziplining, and of course plenty of swimming AMI has it all. Take to the water with an afternoon of kayaking, diving, snorkelling or paddle-boarding. There is a rental company less than a five minute walk on the beach that rents boards, kayaks, sailboat and jet-skis. You might enjoy exploring the Island on your rental bike followed up with a nature walk at one of the several preserves nearby. Want to see Anna Maria Island from the sky? Consider Parasailing and enjoy the beauty of the Island from above. Looking for dolphins, manatees, stingrays or sharks? Anna Maria Island has an abundance of tours available. If you are interested in booking a dolphin tour, deep sea fishing trip, chartering a boat, or something specific, we can make recommendations according to your interests.
Avid golfers can easily head across the Cortez Bridge to the mainland for a round of golf at nearby Manatee Public Golf Club. If you’re not feeling like 18 long holes of golf try the Fish Hole, an awesome mini-putt course on Bridge Street less than 5 minutes from your condo.
Whatever you choose to do, we promise you can’t go wrong on Anna Maria Island.
But, please don’t take our word for it, contact Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals today and experience it for yourself!
*Please note — Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals offer the above company name and affiliated links as suggestions only. We are not receiving commissions from the above and are listing only as an aid for our guests. We recommend services that we or close friends and family have experienced so we know you will be well taken care of.
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 Catch the Segway trend and take a tour around Bradenton Beach, Cortez and Longboat Key on a two-wheeled, self-balancing scooter. Cruising along on a Segway, you are basically just standing there while you whiz along absorbing the magical feel of the Old Florida atmosphere on Anna Maria Island. You will enjoy the comfort of a device that does all the work for you leaving your senses free to take in the experience. It is a one of a kind way to absorb the character of the Bradenton Beach area with unobstructed views of the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico. While you ride along laugh and tell stories as you learn some history of the Island and see sites not seen from a roadside view.
Is a Segway adventure something you should do on your vacation? With the stories our friends, families and guests have shared, I highly recommend it as a one of a kind vacation experience.
Only a five minute walk from Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals is — 601 Gulf Dr. N. Anna Maria Island, Florida 34217
Segs by the Sea located at: 102 Bridge Street, Bradenton Beach, FL
Phone: 941-209-5970 — Website:
Segs by the Sea offers a variety of beautiful scenic Segway tours as well as self guided rentals. Over the years Segs by the Sea have shown countless visitors the beauty of the area with Segway tours. Training and helmets are provided. Segs by the Sea also offers bikes, electric bikes, scooters kayaks, stand up paddle boards and golf carts for tours and rentals as well. Jetskis, boat rentals and tours, and parasailing can also be reserved at Segs by the Sea, Bradenton Beach.
April 2018 TripAdvisor Reviews —
  1. We had the best Segway experience with Jack from Segs by the Sea. He took us on a great 2 hour sightseeing tour & showed us the best way to experience the Segways themselves with confidence & ease. Highly recommend!
  2. We had a blast riding the Segways! They are so much fun and very easy to control once you get the hang of it. They have you practice on a side street for about 10 mins before the tour begins. Our two kids are 12 and 14, and they both did great on them. We took the 90 minute tour at 9am, which included riding the Segways over the bridge to Longboat Key…such a great experience! This is great way to tour the area.
  3. Oh my goodness! I loved it so much!! Skip was a great tour guide! We’re taking the 1 1/2 hour tour next year!
  4. What a fun time!! Perfect for an 11 and 13 year old boys and me, mom. JACK WAS AWESOME! I felt very comfortable and the boys thought he was “cool”. Totally worth the price!!!
 For the latest up to date news, things to do, special offers, travel tips and more continue to follow our blog @ Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals/Blog
*Please note — Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals offer the above company name and affiliated links as suggestions only. We are not receiving commissions from the above and are listing only as an aid for our guests. We recommend services that we or close friends and family have experienced so we know you will be well taken care of.
*The content of this blog is not to be copied, adapted or shared without the written consent of Anna Maria Condo Rentals.


Watch as day turns into night off the coast of Florida on a sunset cruise from Bradenton Beach, Anna Maria Island. Enjoy the scenery and peaceful calm of a sunset cruise on board a catamaran vessel with plenty of space for everyone. Enjoy the narrative as the captain shares his/her knowledge of the Island. You will have the best views to take your best photos of a colourful Anna Maria Island sunset, while you cruise past multi million dollar homes and get an up close view of the beauty of Anna Maria Island paradise. Settle in to watch the tropical magic of the flaming sun as it meets the horizon and sinks into the Gulf of Mexico. A sunset cruise is perfect for families, couples, honeymooners, and kids alike!
We suggest booking with a premier boat tour company right here on Bradenton Beach. Walk or drive, this tour company is at the East end of Bridge Street on the Pier. Only a five minute walk from your Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals – 601 Gulf Dr. N. Anna Maria Island – vacation property. Or, take the FREE Island Trolley service, with a stop right out front of your condo.
Paradise Boat Tours – 200 Bridge Street, Bradenton Beach 941-465-8624

Prices are as follows ….
• Children ages 3 to 13 are $20 and Under 3 isfree
• Seniors are $25
• Adults $30
Advertised on their website — 95% of Tours see Dolphins and great for all ages. Very safe and stable catamaran.
You are allowed to bring food and beverage (including alcohol) on board with you.

Bring a jacket, as the night air on a sunset boat ride tends to be cooler at times.
Arrive early especially if you’re driving as parking is very limited. If you come too early, no worries, there’s lots to see and do on Bridge Street. Stroll along the pier, watch people fish, or admire the beautiful boats as they pass by. There is always something to see on the Pier.
Enjoy your sunset cruise, a perfect way to end your day!

Recent reviews, TripAdvisor & Yelp

Our family with little ones ranging from 1 year to 10 years old traveled with First Mate Jessica and Captain Chris tonight for a sunset cruise. We saw a ton of dolphins and had a wonderful time. Chris and Jess were amazing. Such a great, worthwhile experience.

Wonderful company that makes you feel welcome and right at home. Captain Chad and Firstmate Jessica were very friendly and knew the exact spots to go to find dolphins and see the sunset. They knew the history of the area, pointed out certain landmarks and narrated the tour which was wonderful!

We took our daughter and granddaughter on a sunset cruise and had a fantastic time! First Captain Chris took us to see dolphins and first mate Jessica explained all about the dolphins. She told us what kind of dolphins they were, how much they eat, how they sleep and how the nicks on their dorsal fin distinguishes which dolphin they are. Then we sailed out between Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key just far enough to watch the sunset.

Jessica even took pictures of each family using their own camera/phone and a special light so you could still see our faces with the sunset behind us.
Wonderful sunset cruise with Jake and Chad! Not only fabulous sunset with pictures by Jake but also saw several pods of dolphin along with informative dialogue. Highly recommend!!

We visit AMI every spring. Last week, we had the pleasure of taking a boat tour with Captain Mike & Erin. They were fantastic; very friendly & knowledgeable of the area & the wildlife. We saw several dolphins & our hosts even knew their names! We took the last cruise & enjoyed a stunning sunset. This is also a great choice for kids; our girls were treated so nicely & were gifted with a dolphin trinket, which they really appreciated. Parking in this area can be an issue, so allow plenty of time to find a spot, or take public transportation. We look forward to taking this cruise again next year.

For the latest up to date news, things to do, special offers, travel tips and more continue to follow our blog @ Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals/Blog

*Please note — Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals offer the above company name and affiliated links as suggestions only. We are not receiving commissions from the above and are listing it only as an aid for our guests. We recommend services that we or close friends and family have experienced so we know you will be well taken care of.

*The content of this blog is not to be copied, adapted or shared without the written consent of Anna Maria Condo Rentals.

Come out and Enjoy these MARCH HAPPENINGS on Anna Maria Island 

March 1 – 31, 2018: Beach Market 
Every Wednesday & Sunday 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Find island treasures, select fresh produce, tons of arts and crafts, jewelry and more.
All activities and attractions are a short trolley ride from Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals – 601 Gulf Dr. N. – Anna Maria Island, Florida, 34217

March 3, 2018:Anna Maria Island Museum402 Pine Avenue in the Historical Park, Anna Maria,  FL 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Don’t miss Anna Maria Island Heritage Day with a Settler’s Market.
The market will be selling their famous Settlers’ Bread and herbs, honey and produce.  Enjoy the all day live music, Bar-B-Q, museum tours and settler era crafts and demonstrations. See how the early settlers lived with Bee Keeping, Candle Making, Wool Spinning, Quilting, Knitting, Woodworking, Basket Weaving and more. Old fashioned children’s games and scavenger hunt with games and prizes. Kids will love a Pirate Jailbreak.
8:00 AM – 3:00 PM  Free Admission 
It’s the Anna Maria Island Privateers Thieves Market, a Flea Market only Pirate Style! 100’s of Vendors. Treasures to be found for everyone. Lots of food to eat. Hamburg’s hotdogs and more.  Buy some fresh veggies while you’re there. Custom Handmade Jewelry, Sharks Teeth on a String, T-Shirts, Golf paraphernalia, Fishing Lures, Antiques Real and not,  BBQ Brisket to Hot Links. Hang with some Pirates, see their 60 foot Pirate Ship.
March 10 – 11, 2018: Next to City Hall in downtown Holmes Beach at 5801 Marina Drive Anna Maria Island 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Organized by the Anna Maria Island Art League. Free admission and parking. The 30th annuaHolmes Beach Spring Fest Fine Arts & Crafts Fest on Anna Maria Island. Fine art and fine craft exhibitors, this event will also include children’s young at art exhibit and art activities.
All of the above are within a short drive from our condo. Or, let someone else do the driving and hop on the Free Island Trolley!
Please keep reading our blogs, more March Happenings will be posted soon!
For the latest up to date news, things to do, special offers, travel tips and more continue to follow our blog @ Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals/Blog

Anna Maria Island-Top Ten Seaside Towns


Top 10 Nominees – Anna Maria Island FL, Bellport NY, Bluffton SC, Cambria CA, Cannon Beach OR, Cape Charles VA, Hampton Beach NH, Ocean City NJ, Traverse City MI, Vero Beach FL

To choose the 2018 finalists, nominations were called via social media. Then Coastal Living looked at their rank on the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, percentage of clear and sunny days, healthiness of beaches, commute times, walkability, crime ratings, standard of living and financial well-being of locals, geographic diversity, and Coastal Living editors’ assessment of each town’s “coastal vibe.” The result is an all-star list for 2018 from coast to coast! (Previous winners were not eligible.)

Anna Maria Island was in fourth place spot in the week leading up to the polling closed. I voted as often as they would allow, I sure hope it was enough!

I am one of the many “happiest people” when I’m on the Seaside Town of Anna Maria Island, so the results won’t change anything for me. But, it sure is nice to see Anna Maria Island named in the Top 10. Whether the result is first or tenth anyone living or visiting Anna Maria Island already know the “Happiness in Paradise’ feeling you get while you are there.

The final rankings will be revealed online Tuesday, June 12, 2018. Will Anna Maria Island be declared the happiest seaside town in the United States? We will have to wait a few months to find out. Stay tuned, I will post the results as soon they’re in.

For the latest up to date news, things to do, travel tips, special offers and more continue to follow our blog @ Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals/Blog 

Anna Maria Island - Beach House Restaurant

A Huge Thank You To Judy & Jerome For Their Awesome Review!!!!

Don’t come here, I want it all to myself.
Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals – 601 Gulf Dr N, Bradenton Beach, FL, 34217, United States
Well obviously we liked it well enough to rebook after two days at home. We have rented a lot of properties both here and in Europe, and I must say that this was the most well equipped of any we have ever had. The kitchen is beautifully done, with high quality cabinets, new appliances and about all the equipment you would need. I had a chuckle when in the description, Terry said that if there was some special utensil you needed, bring it from home. I don’t think so, though I only cooked two meals while I was there. The condo is very comfortable, the beds are Terrific!! and the sofas in the living room are great to curl up on. And there is more storage space than we have at our own condo! We were there 10 days, and we saw 9 glorious sunsets. Try to beat that! Aside from the great accommodations, the main reason we are re-upping is the location. It truly can’t be beat, especially if you are managing without a car which we were and will be. There are at least 4 don’t miss restaurants (I am a foodie) and several others where you can catch a decent lunch or dinner without breaking the bank. And the AMI trolley stops outside your front door. And Bridge Street is six short blocks away for fun shopping, nothing serious. And Publix, which I found to be quite a good supermarket is but a trolley ride away. If you have too much to carry, call the Beach Monkey..Free, just give them a nice tip. Are you convinced? I hope not because I want to come back and come back!!
My Response:
Hi Judy, Thank you for the awesome review. Our condo is our pride and joy. We continually invest thousands of dollars in upgrades every year and we are thrilled you enjoyed them. We are really looking forward to having you as our guests again next year as well. You are a pleasure to work with. Thank you again for being our guests. Sincerely, Terry, Sandy & Family
For the latest up to date news, events, special offers, things to do and more continue to follow our blog @ Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals/Blog

Easter Family Fun on Anna Maria Island!