Our favorite beach is simply the beach out front with private access at Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals – 601 Gulf Dr. N. Anna Maria Island, Florida 64217  — A perfect spot to spend the day and ideal for watching the breathtaking sunset. It is simple and pretty and one of the finest Gulf of Mexico beaches along the sun coast.
As our guest, there are other area beaches that you might like to explore. Here is a list in order of distance, closest to furthest from Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals.
Cortez Beach — Featuring 140 feet of undeveloped beach it picks up just south of us and ends at the North part of Coquina Beach. This is a unique “Old Florida” style beach, with tall trees lining the beach along with native grasses, sand dunes and sea oats. Combine this with the sandy beach and beautiful gulf waters to make a picture postcard setting. This is a fabulous beach with a completely different feel from Coquina Beach. There are no life guards so you swim or surf at your own risk and there are no amenities like children’s playgrounds, volley ball areas or beach chair rentals.
Although you can still reserve a picnic pavilion here and there are restrooms nearby this is a much quieter beach.
If you drive, Cortez Beach sits on Gulf Drive South on Anna Maria Island, so just slowly cruise the street while looking for a parking spot on the right (west) roadside parking area. You basically pull off Gulf Drive South and on to the side of the road to park. As you jump out of your car you can taste the salty air. This is a beach where you can enjoy the blue skies, warm Florida sun, white sand and make an exceptional day of it.
This Manatee County Beach is open daily from sunrise to sunset.
Located on the southern end of Anna Maria Island this is spectacular beach with white sand and turquoise blue water. Coquina Beach offers on duty lifeguards, a concession stand, beach equipment rentals (umbrellas, beach chairs) picnic areas, children’s playground, volleyball courts, water fountains and restrooms. There is a multi-use biking/walking path spanning a large distance. Coquina is lined with tall pine trees offering shady covering for the picnic area where you can enjoy your food and drink. At the southern end of the beach you can sit and watch the boats pass from the west into the inter-coastal waterway looking across at Beer Can Alley. The northern end tends to be a bit quieter where you can relax and maybe if you are lucky you will spot some of the dolphins that frequent the shoreline.
The Coquina beach park is conveniently located on a trolley stop, so you are able to get to it easily from our condo. There is plenty of parking available for those wanting to drive their car.
Manatee Beach — 4000 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach
This beautiful white sand beach is a popular spot for families visiting Anna Maria Island. With lifeguards on duty, picnic tables, children’s playground and volleyball courts, this is a gorgeous natural Florida beach. There is a Café on the beach with indoor and outdoor seating. Other facilities include rest rooms, changing stalls, showers, water fountains, umbrella and beach chair rentals. There are also picnic tables in the shade, tucked under the Australian pines. For us beach walkers…you can walk for miles, north or south of Manatee Beach. A five minute drive from our condo and right on a trolley stop this public beach is in a central location on the island. There is lots of parking in the good sized lot and it is free! This is a very popular beach that fills up fast. Definitely worth a visit!
Beer Can Island/Greer Island Park/Hooked Spit
Located on the northern tip of Longboat Key at Longboat Pass drawbridge. this undeveloped white sand beach is a popular hangout for locals. Virtually everyone comes by boat, but you can walk here in low tide like we did. By boat you will have easy access and if you are driving you should park your car at the west end of N. Shore Rd and walk north along the gulf. The beach will curve and you will find many old fallen trees. Continue walking (now east) to Longboat Pass where you will find a group boats anchored to the beach. The entire walk is about half a mile one way and is really tranquil. You don’t have to go all the way down to the boaters and can setup your beach spot anywhere. The swimming here isn’t great, because there are dangerous rip currents in Longboat Pass. It’s safer to swim where you park the car off N. Shore Rd. or across the bridge at Coquina Beach. You will find, even at low tide, there are quite a few rocks to clamber over and it is not really accessible with little ones (except by boat). However, the beach at the Northern end of Longboat is still a wonderful place to visit and to escape the crowds. The twisted trees seem to tell a story and I’m sure they have a lot to tell.
Incidentally there are no public restrooms or lifeguards here.
Whitney Beach — Approximately a quarter-mile long, Whitney Beach is located directly across from Whitney Plaza at the north end of Longboat Ley. Once you’re on Longboat Key, simply follow Gulf of Mexico Drive until you find a road off to the right near North Shore Rd. This is the area in which you want to be that leads out to Whitney Beach. There is a public parking area conveniently located on Broadway Street just west of Gulf of Mexico Drive. Approximately a seven minute drive from our condo this beach extends southward behind several condominium residences. With no amenities you will have to bring what you require for this beach. This is a pristine beach where you will find lots and lots of shells.
This beach has beautiful white sand that even in the hottest sun, won’t burn your feet. The water is crystal clear and usually nice and calm. A great location for a beach family picnic, with pavilions, grills, benches, showers, water fountains, playground and restrooms. It does not have lifeguard services. Approximately a ten minute drive from our condo and there is a free trolley stop at the City Pier right next to the park.
Bayfront Park offers some of the best views of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and Egmont Key with excellent picnic and grilling facilities. Visit this beach to enjoy an afternoon barbecue with your family while enjoying the scenery.
Bean Point — This gorgeous, secluded white sand beach which wraps around the whole northern part of Anna Maria Island is probably the quietest beach on the Island. Situated on the northern tip of the Island where the Gulf of Mexico meets the Bay the view is as peaceful as it is beautiful. There are no facilities here, therefore, it doesn’t seem to attract tourists so you might very well have the beach to yourself. If you need a break from the Florida sunshine there are lots of pine trees around so you can enjoy the shade. Swimming is not always recommended here because of the risk of strong currents and riptides so please use caution. You can certainly walk along the long shoreline and enjoy the tranquil views. Bean Point is also well known for its incredible sunsets! This is also a great place to fly a kite. Park on any of the side streets in the area and make your way to this beach at the northern tip.
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Looking for a different type of adventure while staying with Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals? – 601 Gulf Dr. N. Anna Maria Island, Florida 34217

For those of you that enjoy snowboarding there is a very good chance you will love Flyboarding. They are similar in that the balance of your body is used to control the board and when you are practicing either, both boards feature boots and straps to ensure that your feet are bound to the board.
I had no idea what Flyboarding was until our friends said they were going to try it. After doing a little research this is what I came up with — The Flyboard is a device that is attached to a watercraft. The watercraft follows behind the rider. The Flyboard is roughly the size of a skateboard with bindings or boot attachments for your feet. The binders are there is to ensure that you won’t fall off the board in mid air. Your Flyboard is connected to a hose that connects it to the jet exit of the jet ski. Propelled from water jets from below the device, the water it pumps out is what provides the thrust to get you out of the water and keep you up in the air. How high you go is controlled by the water pressure from the watercraft/jet ski.


Our friends had a blast when they recently went Flyboarding with Top Gun Flyboards (no, I wasn’t brave enough and decided bystander would be a better title for me). After watching them and talking about their experience here are a few tips/suggestions we put together:
—Before you go having a basic understanding of what Flyboarding is all about. Go on the companies website or watch some on-line videos so you are better prepared for your adventure.
—Book the right amount of time. For a beginner 30 minutes is probably enough. You don’t want to overdue it and be sore and then not be able to enjoy the remainder of your vacation. For those that have done it before, go ahead and book an hour or an all day session for those really adventurous ones.
—While you are flying, focus on something around you rather than constantly thinking of falling. Maybe pick a focal point from the great view around you. This will give you something else to concentrate on rather than the thought of falling.
—You will be wearing a helmet, but a head first crash will still hurt so you want to break the surface of the water to reduce the impact. Hopefully you won’t crash, but if you do try to dive into the water putting your arms above your head, one hand on top of the other much like diving.

Imagine being propelled into mid air soaring above the open ocean. You can experience just that. Book with a local company TOP GUN Flyboards to try this one-of-a-kind adventure. Whether you’re already a fan of flyboarding or if you’ve never tried it, we’re certain it will be an adventure to remember.

TOP GUN Flyboards

Top Gun Flyboards — 9715 Manatee Ave W Bradenton FL — 941-565-1727

TripAdvisor Reviews-February & March 2018
Top Gun Flyboards
Awesome experience, very friendly and professional. My 16 year old son loved it! Would definitely do again.
Excellent Adventure/Activity! So much fun!
Great company! Very professional! The guys made sure our entire group had a great experience! Easy enough for everyone to learn how to do!
2-3 attempts to get used to it and then was flying the rest of the time. Safety gear all brand new and staff very helpful and informative.
Very professional organization. New equipment. . John is a skilled teacher. Will be doing this again.
Amazing feeling, great service, great lesson, teacher very polite and patient to teach. I definitely recommend this company
obstacles. Bring a water bottle with a strap or something if you tend to get really thirsty 🙂

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Watch as day turns into night off the coast of Florida on a sunset cruise from Bradenton Beach, Anna Maria Island. Enjoy the scenery and peaceful calm of a sunset cruise on board a catamaran vessel with plenty of space for everyone. Enjoy the narrative as the captain shares his/her knowledge of the Island. You will have the best views to take your best photos of a colourful Anna Maria Island sunset, while you cruise past multi million dollar homes and get an up close view of the beauty of Anna Maria Island paradise. Settle in to watch the tropical magic of the flaming sun as it meets the horizon and sinks into the Gulf of Mexico. A sunset cruise is perfect for families, couples, honeymooners, and kids alike!
We suggest booking with a premier boat tour company right here on Bradenton Beach. Walk or drive, this tour company is at the East end of Bridge Street on the Pier. Only a five minute walk from your Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals – 601 Gulf Dr. N. Anna Maria Island – vacation property. Or, take the FREE Island Trolley service, with a stop right out front of your condo.
Paradise Boat Tours – 200 Bridge Street, Bradenton Beach 941-465-8624

Prices are as follows ….
• Children ages 3 to 13 are $20 and Under 3 isfree
• Seniors are $25
• Adults $30
Advertised on their website — 95% of Tours see Dolphins and great for all ages. Very safe and stable catamaran.
You are allowed to bring food and beverage (including alcohol) on board with you.

Bring a jacket, as the night air on a sunset boat ride tends to be cooler at times.
Arrive early especially if you’re driving as parking is very limited. If you come too early, no worries, there’s lots to see and do on Bridge Street. Stroll along the pier, watch people fish, or admire the beautiful boats as they pass by. There is always something to see on the Pier.
Enjoy your sunset cruise, a perfect way to end your day!

Recent reviews, TripAdvisor & Yelp

Our family with little ones ranging from 1 year to 10 years old traveled with First Mate Jessica and Captain Chris tonight for a sunset cruise. We saw a ton of dolphins and had a wonderful time. Chris and Jess were amazing. Such a great, worthwhile experience.

Wonderful company that makes you feel welcome and right at home. Captain Chad and Firstmate Jessica were very friendly and knew the exact spots to go to find dolphins and see the sunset. They knew the history of the area, pointed out certain landmarks and narrated the tour which was wonderful!

We took our daughter and granddaughter on a sunset cruise and had a fantastic time! First Captain Chris took us to see dolphins and first mate Jessica explained all about the dolphins. She told us what kind of dolphins they were, how much they eat, how they sleep and how the nicks on their dorsal fin distinguishes which dolphin they are. Then we sailed out between Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key just far enough to watch the sunset.

Jessica even took pictures of each family using their own camera/phone and a special light so you could still see our faces with the sunset behind us.
Wonderful sunset cruise with Jake and Chad! Not only fabulous sunset with pictures by Jake but also saw several pods of dolphin along with informative dialogue. Highly recommend!!

We visit AMI every spring. Last week, we had the pleasure of taking a boat tour with Captain Mike & Erin. They were fantastic; very friendly & knowledgeable of the area & the wildlife. We saw several dolphins & our hosts even knew their names! We took the last cruise & enjoyed a stunning sunset. This is also a great choice for kids; our girls were treated so nicely & were gifted with a dolphin trinket, which they really appreciated. Parking in this area can be an issue, so allow plenty of time to find a spot, or take public transportation. We look forward to taking this cruise again next year.

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Anna Maria Island - Beach House Restaurant


For our guests at Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals – 601 Gulf Dr. N. Anna Maria Island, Florida 34217, the following list of seven restaurants are all on Bradenton Beach and a 10 minute or less walk from your condo. You can ride the Free Island Trolley that stops on Gulf Drive right out front of your Condo or call Island Monkey, which offers no charge, tip only service 941-565-6542. We do not advise driving as parking is very limited along Gulf Drive and the Bridge Street area.
Beach House Restaurant — Gulf Drive Bradenton Beach – 941-779-2222
This location just minutes from your condo and is directly on the beach. Waterfront dining with a laid-back casual atmosphere featuring indoor seating as well as climate friendly outdoor seating. Great, fresh seafood as well as other fabulous entrees. Have dinner at this beautiful oceanfront restaurant while enjoying the beautiful Anna Maria Island sunsets.
Blue Marlin — 121 Bridge Street Bradenton Beach 941-896-9737
As you walk along Bridge Street you can’t miss Blue Marlin’s vibrant blue color of this historic 1920s cottage. The inside feel is one of a charming seafood house in coastal Maine. The black and white room displays black & white photos of locals and their fish catches. The atmosphere is intimate with antique ship lanterns, fish mounts and oars scattered throughout.
Blue Marlin’s main focus is the fresh fish from nearby Cortez caught daily, it also offers a variety of dishes including steaks, chicken and other landside features. The fish dishes include grouper, snapper, cobia and hogfish prepared many different ways. A must is one of their daily specials and house made dessert specials.
On Friday and Saturday nights there is live entertainment, with a different weekly band playing in the courtyard.

As I mentioned earlier, parking is very limited on historic Bridge Street. If you do drive and cannot find a spot to park just pull to the front door of the restaurant drop off your party and follow their golf cart driver to their off site parking. The golf cart driver will then shuttle you from your car to the restaurant.                                                                                                                                     Reservations strongly recommended all nights.

Bridge Street Bistro — 111 Gulf Drive South Bradenton Beach – 941-782-1122
Located on historic Bridge Street right in the heart of all the activity on Anna Maria Island.
The atmosphere here is relaxed yet refined and the attire is resort casual. This is an out of sight spot that could be missed because it is on the third floor above Island Time Bar and Grill. They do have an elevator, for those who don’t desire to climb stairs.
Their food is consistently good and staff gives you a personal touch service. We often order steak or Cedar planked salmon and and have not been disappointed.
They offer indoor and outdoor dining. The outdoor terrace with tables overlooking the Gulf of Mexico offers a fabulous view of the amazing sunsets.
A quiet atmosphere with a well appointed menu at reasonable prices Bridge Street Bistro continues to exceed our expectations at every visit.
Bridge Tender Inn —  135 Bridge Street, Bradenton Beach – 941-778-4849
Located very close to the Bradenton Beach Pier you will find this very nice Waterside restaurant.  Enjoy dining as you watch the many boats go by all while listening to live music. They offer indoor seating, covered patio seating as well as dockside bar seating. Food is great!
Lunch – Dinner – Happy hour food – Late-night food – Comfort food
Island Time Bar & Grill — 111 Gulf Drive South, Bradenton Beach – 941-782-1122
Located on the Bridge Street/Gulf Drive circle on Bradenton Beach, Anna Maria Island. The bar is on the ground level below the fine dining restaurant, Bridge Street Bistro.
This open-air bar with a patio features cocktails, seafood & upmarket bar fare in a laid-back setting.Known for the area’s best live entertainment and a relaxed tropical setting their menu is an eclectic combination of American dishes paired with the freshest seafood.​ The outdoor patio offers a view of the Gulf of Mexico. As well, you will enjoy – Live performances · Lunch – Dinner – Happy hour drinks – Great bar food.
Oma’s Pizza — 201 Gulf Drive South, Bradenton Beach – 941-788-0771
A great assortment of Italian entrees, calzones, all served in a casual environment.
All pizzas are hand made to order. Two crust styles, the hand tossed and an inch thick Sicilian. Their pizza is the best!
Lunch – Dinner
Eat in, take-out and delivery available
Wicked Cantina — 101 7th Street North , Bradenton Beach 941-281-2990
This restaurant is about a two minute walk from Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals and is a favourite of mine.
A great spot to enjoy the sunset and listen to live music.
Modern laid back atmosphere and if you enjoy great Mexican food you will not be disappointed. Their food is made from scratch daily in their kitchen. They serve complimentary chips & salsa and are known for some of the best Margaritas on the Island! Portions are very large and reasonably priced.
Dining inside or on their outdoor patio with beautiful views of the Gulf of Mexico. Live nightly entertainment.
Breakfast, lunch & Dinner
Happy hour MondaySaturday 12-6 pm and All Day Sunday
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If you have ever wanted to try stand up Paddleboarding what better place to do it then while vacationing here on Anna Maria Island. Enjoy the warm Gulf waters and gorgeous bay as you explore the natural beauty around you. The scenery is beautiful and catching a few waves and swells is thrilling as you paddle along the coast. Stand up paddle boarding is an excellent way to get in shape and have fun at the same time, and the best thing is, all you need is a body of water which is included in your stay with Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals – 601 Gulf Dr. N. Anna Maria Island, Florida 34217.
The amazing part of Paddleboarding is that because it is so much fun, you don’t feel like you are working out. It is an amazing core workout and it isn’t hard on the joints like running. You get a full body workout using all your muscles to balance on the board while staying in a constant squat to steady yourself. Plus, you also work out your arms, shoulders and back while paddling. It’s like paddling while standing on an excersize ball for two solid hours and you don’t notice how much of a work out it is until later that day/night and you start to feel it in your arms, abs and thighs.
When you’re ready to go we suggest AMI PADDLEBOARD
You can Book Stand up Paddle Board Rentals and tours as well as Kayak rentals and tours direct from their website. All rentals and tours are on Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key, Florida.
AMI PADDLEBOARD offers lessons, tours and board sales providing great service and products. They specialize in teaching first timers how to Stand Up Paddleboard while keeping everyone dry and making sure everyone is having a great time. They also offer private paddleboard parties, corporate “board” meetings, and paddleboard adventure trips. They have boards from 9-14ft to suit 50lbs-350lbs and guarantee everyone can learn to paddleboard. They offer 100% Customer Satisfaction and have taught many ages 6-85 how to Stand Up Paddleboard.

Paddleboard & Kayak Rentals

1 hour – $25 — 2 hours $40 — Half Day (4 hours) $55 —

Full Day (24 hours) $75 — 2 day $145 — 3 day $165 — Week $225

FREE Delivery with  Delivery starting at 8 am

Paddleboard & Kayak Tour – $50 per person

Paddleboard & Kayak Lessons – $50 person

Here is a sample of some great reviews we found —

1.  Amazing tour-went kayaking with Ben from AMI this afternoon – he was wonderful – very knowledgeable about the local area and fun to be with! Highly recommend using AMI paddle and kayak rentals when visiting Anna Maria island or Holmes. Would definitely do again.

2. Enjoyable kayak and paddle boarding tripWe had a great time on an 11 am mangrove tour. Our guide Ben was informative, friendly, and helpful. I received many useful tips standing on and moving around the paddleboard. It was an excellent experience for a beginner. The water is shallow enough that the threat of falling in was no concern. The mangrove tunnel portions added plenty of variety to the scenery. Just a fun and relaxing trip that was absolutely worth taking.

3. SUP AMILovely paddleboard session around the Neal Preserve at 9am on Christmas Eve. The guide Ben and I had the area to ourselves and all was peaceful and quiet. The shallow water meant that we were able to see any critters clearly and I was thrilled to see a starfish as well as horseshoe crabshells and lots of birds including roseate spoonbills. Highly recommend it.

Learn more about AMI PADDLEBOARD in the video below …

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A Huge Thank You To Judy & Jerome For Their Awesome Review!!!!

Don’t come here, I want it all to myself.
Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals – 601 Gulf Dr N, Bradenton Beach, FL, 34217, United States
Well obviously we liked it well enough to rebook after two days at home. We have rented a lot of properties both here and in Europe, and I must say that this was the most well equipped of any we have ever had. The kitchen is beautifully done, with high quality cabinets, new appliances and about all the equipment you would need. I had a chuckle when in the description, Terry said that if there was some special utensil you needed, bring it from home. I don’t think so, though I only cooked two meals while I was there. The condo is very comfortable, the beds are Terrific!! and the sofas in the living room are great to curl up on. And there is more storage space than we have at our own condo! We were there 10 days, and we saw 9 glorious sunsets. Try to beat that! Aside from the great accommodations, the main reason we are re-upping is the location. It truly can’t be beat, especially if you are managing without a car which we were and will be. There are at least 4 don’t miss restaurants (I am a foodie) and several others where you can catch a decent lunch or dinner without breaking the bank. And the AMI trolley stops outside your front door. And Bridge Street is six short blocks away for fun shopping, nothing serious. And Publix, which I found to be quite a good supermarket is but a trolley ride away. If you have too much to carry, call the Beach Monkey..Free, just give them a nice tip. Are you convinced? I hope not because I want to come back and come back!!
My Response:
Hi Judy, Thank you for the awesome review. Our condo is our pride and joy. We continually invest thousands of dollars in upgrades every year and we are thrilled you enjoyed them. We are really looking forward to having you as our guests again next year as well. You are a pleasure to work with. Thank you again for being our guests. Sincerely, Terry, Sandy & Family
For the latest up to date news, events, special offers, things to do and more continue to follow our blog @ Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals/Blog


​1:​Paint a Sand Dollar – The Shiny Fish Emporium is one of my favorite places to go on Anna Maria Island. The owner’s vision was a place that children could enjoy as much as their parents. When you enter the store you will see for yourself that vision is a reality with a shop decorated in whimsical decor featuring unique heirloom quality toys, hand curated clothing and gifts for adults. The owner shares her art with youngsters in art classes, painting sand dollars and other projects. We painted sand dollars and the staff set us up on a large table and provided smocks and 100’s of colors of paint and encouraged us to get creative. You cannot leave without trying their fantastic ice cream. I usually go for Hawaiian Bubbles and hang out on the couch.  I love the owners style and have bought so many of her clothing, most of which I have never seen anywhere else. A hidden gem on Anna Maria Island and one that can be enjoyed by toddlers to teens, and even mom and dad!
​2:​Get Donuts – You will need to make at least one trip to The Donut Experiment while you are on the Island.  We first discovered Donut Experiment during spring break 2016. Since then, we’ve visited many times and brought lots of family and friends – all have loved it. We absolutely love the donuts and all the combinations. We’ve tried many! Don’t be surprised to see a line-up, but don’t worry, it moves fast. The donuts are always fresh because you place your order and watch as they are being made right in front of you. You have the choice of multiple glazes and toppings. The wonderful staff is friendly and helpful. The ordering process is easy and efficient. It is a fun atmosphere too – eating donuts right on the front porch. The donuts from Donut Experiment are simply the best!

​3:​Play Miniature Golf – The Fish Hole Adventure Golf is a great course with nice features throughout including turtles and fish. It is well laid out with some areas of shade for anyone wanting to escape the sun. A great activity for all ages, even littles ones. Not only is it a fun little course, but it is on Bridge Street only minutes from the condo.  Bridge Street has lots of shops and restaurants so you can spend a whole morning or afternoon there. While there take a walk to the Bradenton Beach Pier at the East end of Bridge Street. Taking in the scenic view looking over Sarasota Bay, you will see plenty of people fishing and families stopping to watch the boats pass by.

​4:​Dining with your toes in the sand – Seat yourself with your feet in the sand while your food is being creatively prepared. The Sandbar Restaurant is the only place on Anna Maria Island where you can actually eat on their large outdoor patio with your toes in the sand. A casual atmosphere where kids can run and play in the sand while waiting for their food. This locally owned eatery uses goods grown in their own farm, serves fish fresh from the docks at Cortez and they make their own breads. Beautiful beach view literally yards from the water directly on the beach.
​5:​Go to the Beach!  This is my #1 fun thing to do. Our favourite and a favourite for everyone is to spend lots of time at the beach. The beauty for our guests is that you just cross the street and you’re there. No packing up the kids and having to load up the car to drive. Gotta love that! Bradenton Beach is long and flat with plenty of clean, beautiful, white sand and lots of shallow water for young kids to play in. We take our beach chairs, beach towels and umbrellas that give us a nice amount of shade and perfect for little ones to play under.
The free Anna Maria Island trolley which stops nearby, will take you to all of these fun things while taking away the worry of driving and looking for parking. Riding the trolley itself is another fun thing to do and a fun way to see the Island.  Kids and adults love it.

For the latest up to date news, things to do, special offers and more continue to follow our blog @ Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals/Blog

Looking for a different way to see Anna Maria Island? Here are a few tours we recommend…

Paradise Boat Tours – 200 Bridge Street, Bradenton Beach FL – 941- 465-8624
A twenty-eight passenger power catamaran with padded seating and wind protection for cooler days. This is a great tour for all ages with a discount for seniors and children 3 and under are free. Take this fully narrated 90 minute tour while looking for dolphins, manatee, stingray and other wildlife. They advertise that 95% of their tours see dolphins. Tours are daily with sunset BYOB. (Located just a few minutes walk of Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals – 601 Gulf Dr. N. Anna Maria Island, Fl 34217).

Happy Paddler Kayak Tours & EcoVentures – Anna Maria, FL – 941- 773-1920
Enjoy an amazing tour combining ecology, history, preservation, and wildlife. Happy Paddler tours are suitable for any fitness level. They offer different tours all at a comfortable pace and you can take little breaks along the way.You can plan to encounter ospreys, egrets and pelicans, along with manatees, dolphins, possibly even a sea turtle!
We highly recommend Casey for a truly unique gulf coast experience.

Snapper Addict Fishing Charter – 2504 88th St Ct NW, Bradenton, FL – 941-812-6364
Captain Layne has been fishing local waters his entire life. He will personalize your fishing trip, just tell him what you want. Great for the first time or seasoned fisherman Layne will customize your trip bringing his vast experience and love for fishing to your offshore adventure. Snapper Addict specializes in light tackle helping you catch Snapper, Grouper, Kingfish, Hogfish, Covina or Shark. Individual or a family looking for a fun afternoon on the water? Give Snapper Addict Fishing Charter a call, you will be glad you did!

Bradenton Beach Marina – 402 Church Avenue North, Bradenton Beach FL – 941-778-2288
Offering a wide selection of boat tours, boat rentals and jet ski rentals. Want a boat rental on Anna Maria Island where you can spend 1/2 day or full day cruising the bay? The Bradenton Beach Marina offers bowriders, deck boats and pontoon boats. Their boat tours include dolphin tours and sunset cruises. No matter which tour or rental you choose we know you will enjoy the great views of beautiful Anna Maria Island.

Segs by the Sea – 102 Bridge Street, Bradenton Beach FL – 941- 209-5970
Segs by the Sea offers a variety of beautiful scenic Segway tours throughout Anna Maria Island, Longboat Key, and Cortez. Enjoy Bradenton Beach and the surrounding areas using this Eco-Friendly form of transportation. Segways are available for self guided rentals, guided and and custom tours. Training and helmets are provided. Segs by the Sea also offers bikes, electric bikes, scooters kayaks, stand up paddle boards and golf carts for tours and rentals as well. Jetskis, boat rentals and tours, and parasailing can also be reserved at Segs by the Sea, Bradenton Beach.

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Anna Maria Island Dolphin Tours!


One of the most frequently ask questions our guests ask is where can I find a dolphin tour.

Anna Maria Island condo rentals highly recommend Captain Kim.

Set sail for fun and relaxation with boat rides and tours from Captain Kim’s Boat Rides and Charters. We provide all the excitement of the high seas without the hassle of renting or buying equipment. Just step onto our pontoon or deck boat and get ready for a breezy day of dolphin and bird watching, sand bar hopping, or just some good old rest and relaxation. Perfect for the whole family, the tours last up to three hours.

For almost 20 years, Captain Kim has provided quality and affordable boat tours for Anna Maria Island and Cortez, Florida. A licensed captain and commercial fisherwoman specializing in dolphin watching and ecology tours with star fish, sand dollars, and sea horses just to name a few of the things you can find. Kim brings her passion for the seas to every boat ride.

Located at in the Cortez Village less only a few minutes drive from Absolute Anna Maria. Call Kim at (941)920-3307. Website: //

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