Imagine, for a moment, winding down the day to the sight of a Florida sunset, its reds and golds smearing the sky in a burnished rainbow. It’s about 80ºF and a succession of rolling waves are helping kick up the perfect sea breeze. There’s a frosty margarita in your hand and sand between your toes.

Fresh fish is sizzling on the restaurant’s grill. That whizzing sound signals that juicy citrus and pineapple and mangoes are being blended into the freshest of fruit drinks. Garlic and melted butter are ready to pour onto piping hot blue crab.

Can you smell it? You will. Because this is the dinner scene, every night on Anna Maria Island. A laidback, friendly island where award-winning restaurants sauté, grill, bake and prepare gourmet morsels as unique as our island’s character.

Oh, and have we mentioned? Our Anna Maria Island condo rental is so centrally located, you can walk (or trolley) to any restaurant on the island. So go on, order another glass of wine. Enjoy!