News just in from “The Islander” newspaper — Work on the Anna Maria City Pier will commence in May 2018. All work should be completed by December 2019.

Such great news for local Islanders and tourists alike! Looks like we will be walking on the iconic Anna Maria City Pier before the end of 2019. The view from the Anna Maria Island City Pier is a picture-perfect snapshot.The pier draws thousands each year and takes us back to the pictures, many years ago when people first arrived on the island and they came to this pier. I can’t count the number of times our family visited the Pier, sometimes just to walk, sometimes for lunch or dinner.  One thing our visit always included was the “family photo shoot”. The Pier is such a popular site. We have been so fortunate over the years to meet people from all over the world, but not this year 🙁

The 678 foot pier built in 1911 was already scheduled for renovations when it suffered major damage from Hurricane Irma in September 2017.   Fortunately most of Anna Maria Island sustained little damage from Irma, but the waves and wind made a mess of the foundation and decking at the historic Anna Maria City Pier. The roof was torn off the bait shop and there was significant damage on the northwest side to the wooden planking. In the days following the hurricane an inspection of the pier was done and it was deemed unsafe and  closed immediately. It was unclear at that time when the City Pier and its restaurant would re-open to the public.


According to the VP of project engineering firm Ayre Associates, the firm in charge of rebuilding the pier, demolition will begin early May 2018 with a completion date of early September 2018. The planks part of the decking will be removed around May 15, 2018. After removal, the engraved planks that were part of the decking will be used to build a custom fence on the perimeter of City Pier Park and at the Anna Maria Island Historical Society. Work on the platform is expected to begin in late August 2018 and work on the restaurant is set to begin in April 2019.

As for the buildings on the pier, a decision has been made on the siding and meetings are underway to discuss changes to the restaurant area. Any changes will not alter the look as Anna Maria Mayor Dan Murphy has stated that the design and architecture will look exactly the same as it does today.

The new pier should reopen by the end of 2019. I think most will be happy with the decision to keep the look the same; no one wants their image of the 100 year old City Pier to change. The only change anyone wants to see is the removal of the large signs that read, NO TRESPASSING – PIER CLOSED.

The countdown is on … approximately… 597 days until we see …. ANNA MARIA CITY PIER OPEN!!

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