A fun daytime activity if you’re looking to get away from the beach while still enjoying the sunny weather. This family attraction has been a favourite since 1939.
Visit Sarasota Jungle Gardens where you will find 10 acres of lush gardens, jungle trails and beautiful lakes. You’ll see over 200 native and exotic animals throughout the gardens including primates, reptiles, birds and free roaming flamingos that can be hand fed. Don’t miss the daily interactive wildlife, reptile or bird shows all included in your park admission.
Take the Inner Jungle Trail through the Tiki Gardens. The trail is shaded under a canopy of Palms and other Florida native trees, which makes the walk a surprisingly cool reprieve from the hot afternoon sun. Informative signs provide visitors with information about some of the animals in the Tiki Gardens (such as skunks and iguanas) as well as a little bit about the vegetation and plant life..
Walking along you can take a break in the canopy at the Flamingo Lagoon. The water is crystal clear, and you can see big fish as well as ducks and their free-roaming Flamingos. There are coin operated vending machines at the lagoon or you can purchase small or large bags at the gardens entrance. The flamingos will come right up and eat out of your hands.
Further along on the trail are the Koi Pond and Flamingo Café. In the air-conditioned the café you can enjoy lunch, snacks, cold beverages and ice cream. The pavilion near the Café is a great place for parents to kick their feet up and is within viewing range of the large Kiddie Jungle Playground.
Enjoy a stroll through the Butterfly gardens, continuing along the Outer Jungle Trail passing the waterfall and the Flamingo Nesting Island. The Jungle trail contains a handful of pretty little natural springs and is also home to the Petting Zoo, Birds of Prey and the Turtle Pond.
See a variety of large Alligators and Crocodiles by visiting the indoor area known as Reptile World where visitors can see large snakes, alligators, lizards, and other reptiles. Watch the Reptile Encounter show offering kids an opportunity to learn and hold an alligator after the show or even get a photo with one!  
The Jungle Bird show features parrots, cockatiels, macaws, and more performing a variety of different tricks including roller-skating and riding a bike. Be sure to catch Frosty the cockatoo’s twice a day act when he performs his bicycle, unicycle, and scooter tricks! After the show you will have an opportunity to pet or hold one of the exotic birds. There is a daily Wildlife Wonder show featuring red tail hawks, kookaburras, various species of owls, and other small mammals.
Many of the animals found their home at Sarasota Jungle Gardens through approved donations, rehabilitation centers or through state and federal agencies ensuring animals have a safe environment and permanent, caring home.
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A visit to Sarasota Jungle Gardens is a fun escape from the beach, and a must do for all ages.

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