St. Patricks Day Parade 2017

A Splendid Success

The annual Anna Maria Island St. Patrick’s Day Parade was another splendid success for /2017. First conceived in 1999 by the most famous restaurant owner on Anna Maria Island Beach Bistro owner Thomas W. “Sean” Murphy. Mr. Murphy said the parade started in a conversation over beer at the Beach Bistro bar 19 years ago.

“We were all sitting around like a bunch of Irishmen do on St. Patrick’s Day telling lies about all the great parades we had never been in on St. Patrick’s Day and we decided, well, what the heck, let’s have our own, so that’s what we did,” Murphy said.

Over the years, the parade has grown to become the largest St. Patrick’s Day parade “south and east of Savannah, Georgia. It may also be the only St. Patrick’s parade south and east of Savannah, Georgia,” according to Murphy. Previous parades featured an appearance by “Judy” the circus elephant, who died last year. This year, the parade will feature her longtime companion, “Mr. Bones” the camel.

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