Publix — 3900 E Bay Drive, Holmes Beach, FL — 941-778-5422
Open daily 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
One stop shopping without leaving the Island, this location is very convenient for the Anna Maria Island vacationer. Publix is a short drive or trolley ride from Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals – 601 Gulf Dr. N. Anna Maria Island, Florida 34217. While this Anna Maria Island store might be smaller than most other Publix stores it offers a great selection of high quality goods. You might find things slightly cheaper on the mainland (Bradenton), but for me the convenience of not having to go inland across the bridge is totally worth the small price increase.
In addition to the normal grocery selection, you will find their fresh produce is outstanding and the bakery is maybe a little too inviting. You really must try their key-lime pie, it is the best! They have a large beer/wine selection and the prepared foods are quick and delicious. It’s a great store for picking up everything you need for a beach picnic lunch, sandwiches, pizza, snacks, water and fountain drinks.
Deli items are ordered ahead of time or get in line for a custom sandwich, wrap or flat bread. Their ready made rotisserie chickens are delicious and convenient for lunch or dinner. You can even get some really good in-store made sushi! The Publix party platters are a really easy option for entertaining large groups while on vacation.
They also carry beach items such as towels, beach chairs, pool inflatables, sunscreen, umbrellas, etc.
I always find their staff extremely friendly and accommodating. As well, there is always someone available if you want carry out. The staff in the aisles are quick to help you find items and the customer service is excellent!
Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals
Even more convenient, this Anna Maria Island location offers on-line ordering and delivery to your Anna Maria Island Condo Rental. So easy, just go to Publix at Holmes Beach then click on Products and Services where you will find everything you need to place your order.
TripAdvisor Reviews —
  1. Everyone on Anna Maria shops here, and the pervasive friendliness makes it a fun experience. Whether they’re locals or visitors like us, no one seems to be rushed or frazzled. The staff always makes a point to ask where you live and engage you in conversation. The bakery offerings are plentiful and are conveniently located in the first aisle. Hard to resist! They sell Boar’s Head meats and cheeses, which are our favorite brand, and on one visit this year a brand representative was in the aisle offering a discounted price on a package of 1/2 pound each of turkey and ham. It was the perfect package for us. On another visit I just missed a wine tasting! The aisles aren’t very wide, but the feeling isn’t one of being crowded. We always find a good selection of produce and all the staples we need to stock our vacation rental.
  2. This is what grocery shopping should be about! Picture it–my wife and I come down here from NJ every year for 4 to 5 months in winter and another 2 in two week slots throughout the fall. When here we visit this store almost every day. It’s within walking distance of our Condo. Imagine a store where: If you’re looking for something someone will spot you and not only tell you where it is but offer to take you to the spot! If the cash register is idle, they will come out front and solicit customers to come to that lane to check-out! You can see who is in charge of every Dept. through large pictures in the area and, better still, see those people actively working the aisles. The deli almost always offers a sample slice and always tell you what’s on sale. They also do online ordering (great idea during” high season” winter). The Wine shelves are extremely well stocked and very competitive. For the best treat of all check out with Charlie (Ask him his latest golf score) and Terry (Ask him if he cares about Charlie’s golf score) and bumper banter bonus if you get both together. If you get to know Charlie well, ask him to show you his customer letter. He’ll know! Finally, when you’re all checked out (and bagged by one of many wonderful assistants–Ryan is my favorite) they will even offer to take your groceries and escort you to the car! It never stops. Perhaps the secret to their success is that I’ve heard that EVERY employee owns stock in this privately owned business. Gotta go now and shop!
  3. If you’d like to keep your food budget for two on a vacay to the Gulf Coast, under $100.00 per day? I give you “Publix” grocery store’s! Their food bar is fair and their fried chicken rivals any I’ve ever had!! And trust me if you live below the Mason-Dixon line you know fried chicken!! Also it doesn’t hurt to book a room with at least a small kitchenette. You might spend a couple more bucks on the kitchenette, but you’ll save more on the expensive prices at most FL. restaurant
  4. Visited here several times. Convenient, good parking, friendly staff, fresh food, good selection. Nice selection of fresh fish and cheeses.
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