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This is something we have always planned to do on one of our visits to Anna Maria Island and this year we finally did it. We wanted to rent a boat that we could sail without a captain. We found Bimini Bay Sailing and rented a very stable, yet exciting WindRider 17 Trimaran. We were given initial instruction on how to operate and then set off into the Bay for four hours. Surrounded by dolphins, manatees and abundance of natural life it was an unforgettable experience, we can’t wait to do it again!

Laid-back and natural, Anna Maria Island – a seven-mile strip of beautiful white-sand beaches at the southern mouth of Tampa Bay. Nestled between the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico to the west and Tampa Bay on the Eastern shore, Anna Maria Island has charm to spare because of its congenial air of unhurried casual living. The three small municipalities on the island each have their own character, from Bradenton Beach in the south, Holmes Beach in the center of the island and the city of Anna Maria in the north. Bimini Bay Sailing is located in the city of Anna Maria.

Brian at Bimini Bay Sailing has a variety of boats that will work for one person or for the whole family for your sailing adventure. They have several WindRider 17 Trimarans and also a great assortment of fun-to-sail sailboats. They do private and group lessons at all skill levels.

All of their boats are beach-launched sailboats so come prepared with your water shoes and swimwear. Enjoy the view of the Sunshine Skyway, Anna Maria Island and St. Pete as you take lessons or sail alone on the beautiful waters of South West Tampa Bay.

Captain Brian is great, and if you want to learn to sail, he is the one you want. To reserve by phone, call Brian at (941) 685-1400

Don’t forget to bring your hat, water shoes, food/drink (no glass bottles), sunscreen, swimwear and towels.

While visiting us on Anna Maria Island consider renting a boat where you can relax and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.

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