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St. Armand”s Circle a must see for anyone vacationing on Anna Maria Island. Enjoy a stunning picturesque drive from Anna Maria Island straight south along Gulf of Mexico drive filled with stunning views of mansions, golf courses, waterfront and wildlife.

Located one block from Lido Beach St. Armand’s circle know for it’s high end shopping and restaurants. Featuring over 140 merchants St. Armands Circle are committed to making your visit as memorable as it is rewarding. Visit for a day or stay for a lifetime; the St. Armands experience is one you won’t soon forget. You want have to travel far to find the world’s treasures; they’re all here on St. Armands Circle!

Today, St. Armands Circle is a hub of activities for the island that is otherwise filled with mostly posh residences. The beach, sitting on Lido Key, on the Gulf of Mexico is only a few blocks away, another excellent feature.

Two other main arteries go through the area and boast shops and restaurants at the points where they connect with St. Armands Circle. Boulevard of the Presidents runs mostly north and south while John Ringling Boulevard runs mostly east and west. This configuration separates the area into four quadrants. Signage and directories use these quadrants to better orient visitors. The Pink Quadrant is to the northwest, the Gold Quadrant is to the northeast, the Aqua Quadrant is to the southeast, and the Purple Quadrant is to the southwest. Along the center of John Ringling Boulevard and the Boulevard of the Presidents are wide medians with park-like features including trees, brick paths, benches, and most interestingly, classic-themed statues. Many of the statues date back to the twenties and reflect John Ringling’s belief in bringing art and culture to the city of Sarasota.

St. Armands Circle is located in southwest Florida and sits close to the Gulf of Mexico coast. It is about 60 miles south of Tampa and about 40 miles south of St. Petersburg. St. Armands Circle is located in the city of Sarasota, which is located in Sarasota County, Florida. Businesses on St. Armands Circle proper will have a St. Armands Circle street address so if you set your GPS for one of those you will be able to make your way to the heart of town.


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