Where to eat and drink in annamariaisland – Late night places – “THE DOCTORS OFFICE” IS CALLING

Literally located in a former doctor’s office, this cocktail lounge is a fun gathering spot for Gen Xers and up. Cute decor, keeping with the Doctors theme, but not overdone. Seating is mostly high bar stools in intimate groupings. Lots of island special cocktails. We find most of the restaurants on Anna Maria Island are closed by 10:00 pm, The Doctors Office is a nice option open nightly from 5 pm to midnight serving cocktails as well as great bar fare.

We were able to snag a seat at the first table upon entry, the perfect seat to see everyone coming and going-interesting, indeed! Industrial bar stools surround the bar and the original waiting room looks like it must have looked back in the day-except patrons sitting in them are sipping cocktails. Our friendly and helpful waitress immediately greeted us with a snack of potato chips and a mini sized ‘punch of the day’, which was a unique blend of a smoky tequila, orange flavored liquor and a few other things. She explained the remnants of various bottles combined, makes a different punch each day. The menus are modelled after a list of prescriptions and the history of the owner, Sean Murphy, appears on the cover. A fun read, which sets the stage for an enjoyable visit.

The Doctors Office is a great cocktail bar for grownups with imaginative house cocktails and an interesting menu serving chef crafted small plates. The bar offerings highlight local craft beers and excellent wine bar selections.

The bar artisans create cocktails with fresh juices and original mixers, deliberately avoiding pre-canned additives and manufactured mixes.

Cocktails are supported by an abundant selection of artisan crafted spirits from every category– crafted bourbons, ryes and gins, rums and vodkas.

The Doctor Recommended list boasts an array of local citrus based Vitamin C Prescriptions – the “Corpse Reviver or a “Papa Hemingway”. The serious cocktail fan might order the “Penicillin,” or a “Mai Tai Roa Ae”.

Order some pain relief and mood adjustment, there’s the “Boulevarier,” or a “Chet Baker”.

The tapa style bar food menu compliments the bar list and includes a tasty array of crafted Cheeses, Charcouterie and small plates and sandwiches.

The Doctors Office is a welcome addition to the Anna Maria Island dining scene.

This place is just what the doctor ordered!

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