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Sandy and I walked the beach from the Moose Lodge to the Manatee Public Beach and back today, we walked for about 90 minutes and then sat on the beach for another hour. Was there a smell of red tide in the air? Yes. Was it a very slight smell? Yes. Did we cough once? No. Is the water a brown colour along the shoreline? Yes. Is it horrible? No. What did we witness? People enjoying the beach. Families with children enjoying the beach. Kids playing in the water and on the beach. People sunning themselves and sleeping on the beach. Jet skies and boats in the Gulf. Did we see one person regardless of age or gender covering their mouth and nose with anything? Not a chance. There were no news agencies on the beach looking for the biggest pile of dead fish and reporting from the scene because we did not see one dead fish in the water or on the beach. We did see a few dead crabs and one dead stingray. I guess good news is no news because they are no where to be found. We had to come up from the beach at 3:00pm because the rain moved in or we would still be out there now. Fortunately all these people and their families did not get the memo the world is coming to an end or they would have missed a beautiful day at the beach.




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