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The Sarasota/Bradenton International airport is one of my favourite airports. It is convenient, only 15 minutes from Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals-601 Gulf Dr. N. Anna Maria Island, Florida 34217, but that’s only one reason I love SRQ. This airport is so inviting with its friendly and welcoming staff. It is small, modern, clean, with comfortable seating and Free strong/super fast wi-fi. The airport is easy to navigate which for me completely takes away the dread associated with large airports. The baggage area is easy to find and the car rentals are in the same area. These last two are both very favourable considerations, especially if your vacation leave is only one week. Less time spent travelling, means more time spent enjoying the reason that you are here, your vacation.
So what’s not to love about SRQ? Some travellers complain that there are very few airlines that fly into SRQ and those airlines that do, require a transfer or stopover along the way. The limited number of restaurants and stores and their early closing hours, with some not open on the weekends. Another complaint is that there are not enough low budget airlines to book flights with.
Well, flying into the Sarasota/Bradenton airport (SRQ) just got easier as well as less expensive. Frontier Airline recently announced they will be offering direct, non-stop flights from Atlanta beginning December 10, 2018. Flights between Sarasota Bradenton International Airport and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport will be offered three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. As an added bonus to this already great news, Frontier is offering special introductory fares as low as $39 each way!
This is the latest in a series of new destinations offered via budget airlines. Earlier this year, SRQ and Frontier announced new non-stop flights to Cleveland and to Philadelphia. Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport and Frontier Airlines will provide the service to Cleveland and Philadelphia beginning in December. The flights to Philadelphia International Airport begin on December 10, 2018 with flights offered Mondays and Fridays. In April of this year, Allegiant launched its first Sarasota routes, flying to Pittsburgh, Indianapolis and Cincinnati.
Since the addition of Allegiant and Frontier to the airport this year, traffic numbers are increasing. According to airport authorities July saw a 30 percent increase in passenger traffic, with a 23 percent increase in June, and a 16 percent increase in May. So, what will SRQ do to keep up with this increased traffic flow? The airport authority has authorized the expenditure of $228,501, plus a 10 percent contingency, to install 148 more feet of baggage belt in three locations in the terminal. Also, airport officials are beginning to think about overflow parking this winter and the long-term possibility of adding a parking garage. With the growth of SRQ airport bringing in increased revenue to area businesses I’m sure we will be hearing news of many improvements over the next few years.
Recent Yelp Reviews —
  1. What a great airport! I always think the small ones have the best customer service, since they’re not nearly as busy as the large ones. This airport is super clean & that includes the bathrooms – which is always a plus! The women’s restrooms come with an additional shelf for your purse or bag – which is ALWAYS appreciated :)There’s a small selection of places to eat/drink past security. But it’s sufficient and does include a Starbucks! Gates have lots of charging stations in the seating area so you aren’t searching for a place to plug in (or have to sit on the floor in the corner). Ride-sharing is clearly labeled so if you need an Uber or Lyft it won’t be complicated to find where to go. And there are plenty of people waiting to pick you up so you won’t wait forever in the heat. Overall, I love flying in here – stress free & clean!
  2. It’s got everything you need for a tiny airport – 1 coffee shop & a restaurant before security and the same on the other side.  As someone who use to fly every week for 5 years, this little airport is growing but still super easy to get in and out of.  Only way to make it better would be the parking shuttles frequency but so long as it isn’t raining ya a very easy walk. Overall very clean and friendly airport
  3. Very small airport yet so simple. Time frame from entrance to boarding gate was about 40 minutes. Air mall is practically non existant. There is a Starbucks and one bar which included very little seating. Overall it went smoothly
  4. Tiny airport, no lounges, very limited eating and drinking options, but very helpful staff from check-in to boarding.
  5. This is a great airport, easy in and out. Now parking is even better since the addition of the covered area.
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